In-Memory OLTP Simulator comes in two editions, that is the Community Edition which is free and the Ultimate Edition for which you need to purchase a license in order to use it.

In the Ultimate Edition of In-Memory OLTP Simulator you have access to premium features of the tool. The most significant feature is the ability to create, modify, export and import custom scenarios via Scenario Manager. Custom scenarios follow the same structure like standard scenarios with the difference that it is you who write their definition and this gives you unlimited power in terms of simulating any workload against SQL Server® In-Memory Optimization.

The table below displays the different features available in each edition of In-Memory OLTP Simulator.

Compare Editions

Ultimate Edition
Community Edition
Benchmark Mode
Run Standard Scenarios
View Current Usage Statistics
Change Number of Records for Standard Scenarios
View Active Scenario Definition
View Current Resource Usage
Stop Simulation
Drop Scenario
Drop All Scenarios
Take Simulator Database Offline
Bring Simulator Database Online
Simulation Statistics
Export Statistics to Text File
Export Graphs to Image File
Print Statistics
View Schema of Tables
View Result of Simulation
Set Emergency Thresholds
Real-Time Resource Monitoring
Generate and Use Multiple Simulation Databases
Create, Modify and Run Custom Scenarios
Export Custom Scenarios
Import Custom Scenarios
Executive Report
Print Report
Export Report
Send Report in Text Format by Email
Export Scenarios and Benchmarks as DDL Scripts


If you are interested in purchasing a license for the Ultimate Edition of In-Memory OLTP Simulator and unleash its power please visit the "Licensing / Purchase" section.

You can also download the datasheet here:

In-Memory OLTP Simulator Datasheet